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Tesla Tubes

Join Professor Droo and his grandson on their electrifying quest to power up the Tesla Tubes.

Travel through a colourful world of vibrant and wacky gadgets. Connect matching batteries and cover the board with tubes to complete buzzing puzzles and venture further into the magical machine park. Delve deep into mind-bending puzzles as you flow through levels ranging from simple and relaxing to complex and challenging. Cross bridges, dodge bombs and pass obstacles to master all the cryptic puzzles.

Tesla Tubes is an addictive, pocket-sized puzzle game that is sure to test your wit. Run through the levels as fast as you can, or take it easy and secure perfect solutions, using as few moves as possible to complete the puzzles.

  • Genre Puzzle
  • Release Date March 2016
  • Publisher Kiloo

Who we are

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Voony Games is an up and coming mobile gaming studio based in Hamburg, Germany. We are dedicated to create playful and fun gaming experiences for mobile & tablet devices. After two years of prototyping and axing a lot of concepts, we released our first title Tesla Tubes together with Kiloo Games in March 2016.

Being a small team of only 6 people, we believe in quality over quantity and strive to create the highest quality games for our players to enjoy.

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Unity Engineer (m/f)

Voony Games is looking for a talented unity engineer to build high quality games. Our ideal canditate has a strong engineering background, a good product sense, strong personal initiative, and should have a longstanding passion for playing games. Great candidates will have a strong computer science background, with knowledge of mathematics (logic, linear algebra, geometry, statistics and probalility, etc.) and good understanding of data structures and algorithms.

You will work out of our studio in Hamburg, Germany.


  • A minimum of 2 years of professional game programming experience or equivalent
  • Experience developing and debugging with C#
  • Experience programming in at least one scripting language (Lua, Python, Perl, etc.)
  • Experience with either iOS or Android
  • Strong coding abilities; writing clean, maintainable, bug-free code

Software Engineer Intern (m/f)

Join the Voony Games team as a software engineering intern! The team is looking for passionate and skilled engineers with a willingness to learn and grow. Interns should expect to work closely with other engineers or designers to recognize the shared vision and see it through from concept to completion. The ideal intern has a long standing passion for playing games, a strong aptitude for critical thinking and analysis, outstanding people skills, and demonstrated game programming experience (in the personal, educational, or professional area).

You will work out of our studio in Hamburg, Germany.


  • Demonstrated game programming experience (personal or professional)
  • Basic coding skills in C++ or C#
  • Strong desire to learn and try new things

3D Artist (m/f)

Voony Games is looking for a kick ass 3D Artist to join our team. You will model 3D characters, buildings and other items and create textures for them of cartoon style, by following the concept art provided. You will also apply and maintain a consistent art style throughout the entire project. You enjoy working as part of a team, but have a pro-active approach with a hunger to take responsibility on an individual level and are always striving for the best quality.

You will work out of our studio in Hamburg, Germany.


  • Proven experience with 3D software e.g. Maya / 3DS Max
  • Superior eye for light, shade, color and detail in creating texture maps.
  • Ability to create a variety of production quality, cartoon style 3D art
  • Self-motivation, good communication skills, and a great team-player attitude

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